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Butterfly Jewelry

cloudsShown here is selection of beautiful peices of jewerly based on butterflies. Butterflies make an excellent theme for jewelry, suitable for elegant dresses and causal going out clothes. If you are interested in any of the peices here please email and we'll let you know where you can get hold of them.

    This 8" Long braclet consists of multiple butterflies arranged along the length of the chain. The beautifuly crafted silver butterflies make this braclet and fashionable and stylish peice.

    Jewelry 2
    This is a vintage style butterfly necklace that uses blue beads, encased in silver outline, to make this a delicate and subtle peice of jewelry.

    Jewelry 3
    One half of a pair of silver butterfly earrings, inlaid with pearl stone. It is both stylish and original.

    Jewelry 4
    These earrings are made with sterling silver with an inlay of light pick shells. This unusual pair are certain to stand out while remaining subtle and elegant.

    Jewelry 5
    This sterling silver butterfly earrings are both simple and stylish.